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Barrister: Max Melsa


BPTC (2015) – BPP University, Manchester LLB (Hons) Law with Politics (2014) – University of Manchester

Max has a strong and well-rounded common law practice. This allows him to advise lay and professional clients on all aspects of their case, as well as how their case potentially interacts with other legal jurisdictions.

Prior to being called to the Bar he worked as a County Court Advocate, as well as working with Gerard McDermott QC on all aspects of high-value cases of catastrophic personal injury, in particular involving elements of travel law, cross-border or jurisdictional issues.

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Max is a CPS Grade 2 prosecutor.

Max has an established practice in criminal law, which has included appearing in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

Crown Court

Max both prosecutes and defends in the Crown Court.

Recent work includes:

  • R v L: arguing for a suspended sentence for a Defendant convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving involving a police officer. 
  • R v A: successfully defending a client of good character against multiple charges of possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs.
  • R v C: successfully prosecuting a threatening with a bladed article case. 
  • R v N: obtaining a sentence of time served for a Defendant charged with multiple Public Order offences.
  • R v S: securing a community order for a Defendant convicted of supplying class B drugs.
  • R v B: defending a client charged with armed robbery and firearms offences.
  • R v S: appearing in a Newton Hearing regarding possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, successfully arguing for the Defendant’s Basis of Plea to be accepted.

In addition, Max has appeared in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in relation to sentencing credit for sexual offences involving multiple indictments.

Magistrates’ Court

Max is well versed in Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court proceedings. Examples of recent Magistrates’ Court work includes:

  • R v J: involving cross-examination of a vulnerable witness using the Advocates' Toolkit. 
  • R v JO: securing an acquittal of a Defendant charged with assault of a PC on medical grounds. 
  • R v B: representing a Defendant on a racially aggravated public order charge, successfully mitigating against a suspended sentence being activated. 
  • R v O: successfully opposing res gestae hearsay evidence being adduced at trial.
  • R v C and O: mitigating for two young Defendants of previous good character convicted of burglary, securing conditional discharges for both.
  • R v L: helping to obtain a conditional discharge for a Defendant charged with firearms licencing offences.
  • R v B: representing a client with learning disabilities facing charges of exposure.
  • R v G: successfully arguing for the CPS to withdraw a prosecution against a Defendant of good character on grounds of breaches of CPIA disclosure. 

Max is currently instructed in defending one of the first prosecutions brought by OFSTED against a client charged with running an unregistered school.

Youth Court

Max is able to represent Defendants in the Youth Court and is knowledgeable of the specific procedures involved in such matters. This has included representing Youths charged with serious sexual offences.



Max appears in Public Law care proceedings, acting for Local Authorities in complex matters from initial to final hearings.

Max is also currently Junior Counsel representing the Police in an ongoing case regarding disclosure issues in the High Court (Family Division).

Recent case examples:

  • Acting for Local Authorities in cases with the following issues:
    • expert evidence on brittle bones and non-accidental injury.
    • arguing against designation. 
    • obtaining secure accommodation for a child.
    • applying for an FGM Protection Order.


  • Acting for Respondents
    • For a parent of a child whose mother was accused of murdering her new partner
    • On behalf of a convicted sexual offender in care proceedings. 
    • For a client with multiple personality disorders.


Max also represents parties in private children hearings at any stage, including FHDRAs, DRAs and enforcement proceedings.

Personal Injury:

Max has a solid Personal Injury practice, advising and representing both Claimants and Defendants. In particular, he is interested in claims that have an overlap with other areas he practices in.

He has a great experience in Portal Claims, having previously worked as a Claims Handler in the insurance team at a global law firm. He is highly experienced in representing parties in Stage 3 and disposal hearings, as well as drafting advice on quantum.

Max has conducted a great number of small claims hearings, having been a County Court Advocate before coming to the Bar. 

He now regularly advises and appears in fast-track personal injury claims. He has also represented clients at multi-track trials.

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