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APIL have released a new booklet titled 'Compensation Explained'.

"The booklet explains compensation for personal injuries: why it is important that injured people are compensated; what it takes for them to receive compensation; and how we can ensure the legal system is fit for purpose.

Many people may not give a second thought to the realities of needing help after an injury. No-one plans to be injured. Hopefully most of us will never experience needless pain and have to seek support from the law as a consequence. But in a modern, caring society, those who are injured because of someone else's failure to take proper care should not have to suffer any further and should not lose out financially as a consequence. As members of that society, we all need to appreciate the realities for injured people who have their lives thrown into disarray, on any scale, through no fault of their own."

Click here to download the booklet.

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