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"An excellent, hard-working advocate. An excellent ability to forward plan so that final outcomes always maximise damages. A true Star!"

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Shahram is a specialist personal injury and clinical negligence barrister with extensive expertise in handling complex and catastrophic claims.

He specialises in claims concerning traumatic brain injury (Palizban v. Protech UK Ltd [2020], Appleton (A Protected Party) v. University of Cambridge [2020] and Ma v. Saghir [2021]), spinal cord injury (Pilefouroosh v. (1) Medfood London Ltd (2) Sunley Farms Ltd [2019], Platt v. South East Coast Ambulance Trust [2020] and Miah v. (1) Barking & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (2) Barts Health NHS Trust (3) Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust [2020]), catastrophic injury to limbs (Mawdsley v. MacLeod Pinsent Care Ltd [2019] and Deller v. (1) Standon (deceased) (2) Zurich Insurance Plc [2020]) and fatal accidents (Gaviria & John v. BP Plc [2019], Jambhulkar v. Munford & Sons [2020] and ABC (A Protected Party) v. (1) HIJ (2) Ageas Insurance [2021]).

Shahram regularly appears in the Coroner’s Court as part of his representation on clients in fatal accident claims (Gaviria & Ors v. (1) BP Plc (2) Statoil (3) Foreign & Commonwealth Office [2018], Baby S (deceased) v. Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust [2020] and Nash v. Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust [2021]).

Shahram appears regularly in the High Court often against Silks and has also appeared in the Court of Appeal (Pierce v. West Sussex County Council [2013] EWCA Civ 1230, Taylor v. English Heritage [2016] EWCA Civ 448).

Shahram is ranked in Legal 500 in the areas of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.

A niche part of Shahram’s practice is in the field of High Court Enforcement.  He has appeared in several of the leading cases in recent years (Gupta v. Partridge v. The Burlington Group [2017] EWHC 2110 (QB), Midtown Acquisitions LP v. (1) Essar Global Fund Limited v. Asker (HCEO) [2017] EWHC 2206 (QB),VB Football Assets v. Oyston v. Asker (HCEO) [2018] EWHC (QB) and Just Digital Marketplace Limited v. (1) The High Court Enforcement Officers’ Association (2) The Civil Enforcement Association (3) Ministry of Justice [2021] EWHC 15 (QB))

Outside of Chambers, Shahram is a keen road cyclists and has taken part in a number of endurance rides for charities such as Ace Africa, Spinal Injuries Association, British Heart Foundation and London Air Ambulance.  Shahram is also keen traveller Recent trips have included Sierra Leone, Uganda, Japan and Malaysia.


Shahram has extensive experience in all aspects of personal injury law over the past 20 years.  However, his main areas of expertise are claims concerning those who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Shahram is currently instructed in a number of significant and high profile claims:

Notable Personal Injury cases

Y (A Child) v. AS Ltd

Child claimant sustained traumatic brain injury when hit by a car on a busy road. Liability has been compromised and approved by the High Court. Quantum remains to be determined once the clamant has reached 18 due to further developments of her brain.

M (A Child) v. EKRCC Ltd

Child claimant sustained traumatic brain injury when hit by a car as he attempted to cross at a designated crossing. Accident was unwitnessed and the claimant was unable to recall events due to his brain injury. Liability has recently been compromised and the claimant is receiving intensive rehabilitation in order to ascertain the extent of his injury.

L (A Protected Party) v. H

Claimant on his way to work sustained traumatic brain injury and significant orthopaedic injuries when the defendant drove his car nearly five times the speed limit for the road. Liability compromised in light of forensic police investigation and reconstruction. Rehabilitation is ongoing and medical evidence is due to be finalised by the end of 2021 with a view to a settlement hearing proceeding sometime in 2022.

K (A Protected Party) v. R

Claimant driver of a car sustained traumatic brain injury when his car slid on mud by a farm and swerved off the road and into the forks of a tractor. Liability is denied and a split trial is due to take place at the end of 2021.

C (A Protected Party) v. S&SH NHS Trust

Elderly visitor to hospital fell off defective chair and hit his head sustaining severe haemorrhaging on the brain. The claimant was placed in an induced coma and has a minimally conscious state. Breach of duty has been established, though causation and professional care needs and life expectancy are in issue. Trial is expected in mid-2022.

D (A Protected Party) v. (1) H (2) MIB

Claimant passenger on a quadbike that lost control and collided into the back of a parked van. Claimant was not wearing a helmet and sustained severe brain injury with personality change. Quadbike was uninsured at the time. Liability denied by the defendants who claim that claimant knew about the lack of insurance and therefore is not entitled to recover damages under the MIB agreement. Split trial on breach and legal interpretation of the MIB agreement listed to take place at the end of 2021.

U (A Protected Party) v. G

Innocent cyclist sustained traumatic spinal and other catastrophic orthopaedic injuries when a car veered onto the opposite side of the road and collided with him at over 30mph. Split trial listed towards the end of 2021 as defendant claims to have spontaneously lost consciousness. Leading experts in the field of syncope instructed.

V v. CEH Ltd

Maintenance worker fell from over 30m through a gap in an overhead crane landing on the dock floor sustaining catastrophic spinal as well as other significant orthopaedic injuries. Liability is denied and much will turn on expert engineering evidence regarding the presence of the gap in light of age and design of the crane.

H v. J

Elite athlete who was part of the Great Britain Taekwondo team injured by an emerging vehicle whilst on a recovery run after a major championship. Sustained significant and limb-threatening injury to his leg. Forced to retire from the sport and unable to fulfil dream of going to the Olympics in 2021. Devastating impact on the claimant’s life and emotional well-being. Future employment prospects are uncertain. Trial due to take place at the end of 2021.

A (deceased) v. A Limited t/a A Flight Training [2021]

Claim brought for financial dependancy by the family of a trainee commercial pilot who was killed in an accident whilst on a training flight. Liability admitted and judgement entered with damages to be assessed at trial at the end of 2021. Complex evidential issues surrounding the career progression of an airline pilot in light of the Covid pandemic.

Low (A Protected Party) v. O’Connor [2019]

Road traffic accident causing traumatic brain injury and other significant orthopaedic injuries. Claimant required life-long care and support with childcare in order to remain living at home with her children. Court approved a substantial seven figure settlement lump sum.

Sam Bryant v. Obee [2019]

Passenger in a vehicle sustained traumatic brain injury when the defendant driver lost control and collided with a tree before ending up in a ditch. Claimant and other passengers were rescued after many hours of being trapped in the car. Claimant recovered substantial damages which provided financial security.

Chalmers v. House of Goodness [2020]

Accident at work where a pallet fell on the claimant’s head from height causing traumatic brain and orthopaedic injuries. Claimant had lived and worked in a church commune all of his adult life but was required to move away due to the accident. Claimant received significant settlement to provide for his accommodation in a protected environment as well as his care and rehabilitation needs in the future.

Palizban (A Protected Party) v. Protech (UK) Ltd [2020] EWHC (QB)

Accident at work (fall from height) causing traumatic brain injury with personality change. Claimant established liability against the defendant and received substantial damages which permitted him to stop working and concentrate on his rehabilitation. With the financial security provided by the compensation the claimant’s quality of life was substantially improved.

Appleton (A Protected Party) v. University of Cambridge [2020]

Subtle traumatic brain injury at work which gave rise to a change in personality such that the claimant was unable to communicate with those around her. Medical evidence was supportive on causative link between accident and impact on claimant. A substantial settlement was approved by the Court which allowed the claimant’s Deputy to invest her damages and plan for her life-long needs

Ma v. Saghir [2021]

Traumatic brain injury suffered by shipping broker who was run down on his way from watching Manchester United at Old Trafford. Whilst able to return to his pre-accident career path, his chances of onward promotion and quality of life had significantly reduced. He was awarded substantial damages on account of his lost career opportunity and in order to enhance his quality of life.

Hancock v. Mohamud & Ors [2021]

Speeding driver who caused a multi-vehicle collision himself sustained traumatic brain injury as well as serious orthopaedic injuries. Advantageous settlement was negotiated on liability and damages notwithstanding speed being the main causative issue in the collision.

Trussler v. Morrison [2019]

World renowned hovercraft pilot sustained a severe spinal injury which meant that he was unable to continue in the profession. His ability to apply his skills in another field was so limited that he was likely to have to retire early from a job that he loved. Substantial damages were awarded to the claimant on account of the loss of career.

Pilefouroosh v. (1) Medfood London Ltd (2) Sunley Farms Ltd [2019]

Passenger in a van that collided with another vehicle at 80mph. Claimant sustained catastrophic spinal cord injuries. The force of the collision dislodged her seatbelt. However, allegations of contributory negligence were dismissed. Claimant recovered substantial damages as she was required professional care, aids and equipment for life.

Monk v. Lady Gordon-Lennox [2019]

Former serviceman who had retrained and was a senior executives at a multinational service provider sustained a spinal cord injury when he was knocked off his bicycle by the defendant. The claimant’s career path was substantially altered due to his injuries. After exchange of medical and employment expert evidence settlement achieved for near full value.

Shahram led the Clinical Negligence team in Chambers until 2019.  He is instructed in claims concerning most areas of alleged medical mismanagement and negligence.  However, in recent years his expertise has concentrated on claims concerning delayed treatment such as surgery and cancers, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other birth related complications.

Notable Clinical Negligence cases

H v. (1) Dr S (2) Dr B

Claimant sustained life-threatening thrombotic event as a result of the failure of two GPs to note persistently raised platelet count and start her on prophylactic medication. As a result the claimant is at increased risk of suffering further thrombotic episodes which could prove fatal.

M v. S NHS Foundation Trust

Delayed diagnosis of carcinoma requiring drastic surgery resulting in significant cosmetic, gynecological and functional disability.

C (A Child) v. M&TW NHS Trust

Failure by Trust to treat torsion injury to a child’s testicle resulting in removal of the testicle giving rise to significant cosmetic and emotional trauma. Future fertility issues may arise.

C-P v. B&T University Hospitals Foundation Trust

Claimant sustained permanent injury to her dominant hand as a result of the unlar branch of the median nerve being severed during routine carpal tunnel decompression surgery. The claimant has been left with a hand that lacks significant functionality and as such cannot perform any bi-manual tasks.

FWZ v. S NHS Foundation Trust

Baby suffered from significant hypoxic brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy. Breach of duty and causation has been admitted and matters proceed on the issue of quantum.

B (A Child) v. (1) B Children’s Hospital NHS Trust (2) N General Hospital NHS Trust

Child with a rare heart condition was discontinued on life-saving medication resulting in repeated strokes causing permanent functional disability.

Kersey v. Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust [2019]

Claimant left with permanent damage to her small bowel with repeated hernias caused by a negligently positioned mesh and staples. Claim compromised on a full loss basis to account for the claimant’s life-long medical needs and dietary requirements.

Tomlinson v. (1) Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust [2019]

Negligent rupture of the popliteal artery by nearly 75% leading to catastrophic blood loss requiring transfusion. Claimant was left with significant narrowing of the artery which impacted on daily life and functionality. He required life-long assessment, monitoring and treatment. Claimant awarded substantial damages.

Wadsley v. Dr Jones [2019]

Delayed diagnosis of an obstructed bowel resulting in a colectomy and bladder repair being carried out. The claimant was fitted with a colostomy bag and suffered with regular infections. He also developed recurring hernias. Claim settled for full value notwithstanding a denial of breach and causation.

Baby S (deceased) v. Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust [2020]

3 month old baby died on the operating table whilst undergoing a routine hernia repair. Cause of death was negligent insertion of the endotracheal tube which blocked his airway. Claim settled for full value. As a result of this tragic case all such procedures and methods throughout Europe have been improved to prevent a similar incidents arising.

Miah v. (1) Barking & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (2) Barts Health NHS Trust (3) Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust [2020]

Vulnerable adult claimant suffered permanent spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia requiring suitable accommodation and life-long care. Though breach and causation were denied by the three Trusts, the claim settled at mediation for a substantial seven figure sum.

Platt v. South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust [2021]

Claimant suffered catastrophic spinal cord injury due to the failure of paramedics to immobilise her whilst removing her from the accident location. Claimant was forced to give up her career and was wheelchair bound. Liability and causation were established in 2019 and the claim settled for a substantial seven figure sum in 2021.

Almost all of Shahram’s fatal accident claims involve him representing interested persons at the Inquest which is opened by a Coroner.  As such, he is highly experienced in the procedures of Coroner’s Courts and the utility of such proceedings.

Notable Inquests cases

Gaviria & Ors v. (1) BP Plc (2) Statoil (3) Foreign & Commonwealth Office [2018]

Inquest touching on the events in Algeria where Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists killed a large number of ex-pats.

Taghizadeh v. (1) Medfood London Ltd (2) AXA Insurance UK Plc [2019]

Inquest touching upon the death of a passenger in a van who was killed whilst travelling in an overloaded van containing goods belonging to his employer.

Baby S (deceased) v. Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust [2020]

Inquest touching upon the death of a young baby during a routine operation when an endotracheal tube was incorrectly inserted so as to block his airway.

Nash v. Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust [2021]

Inquest touching on the death of a severely depressed adult who committed suicide due to the failure of statutory services to adhere to his care plan.

Shahram’s has nearly two decades of experience in the field of High Court Enforcement.  He is regularly instructed to advise on the actions and powers of High Court Enforcement Officers (‘HCEOs’) and in particular the interaction between the recent complex statutory provisions and common law principles which dating back centuries.

Notable High Court Enforcement cases

Gupta v. Partridge v. The Burlington Group [2017] EWHC 2110 (QB)

Concerned proceedings brought by a tenant regarding the lawfulness of the notice provisions for enforcing possession orders in the High Court. The Court overturned previous authority and provided clarity on the requirements for effective service by an HCEO enforcing possession orders.

Midtown Acquisitions LP v. (1) Essar Global Fund Limited v. Asker (HCEO) [2017] EWHC 2206 (QB)

Concerned taking control of a $60 million Boeing 737 business jet in part satisfaction of a several-hundred million dollar debt. The Court provided authoritative interpretation to the construction of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 relating to the validity of Writs of Control and taking control of goods in satisfaction of a valid debt.

VB Football Assets v. Oyston v. Asker (HCEO) [2018] EWHC (QB)

Proceedings relating to the owner of Blackpool Football Club who owed a creditor over £32 million. The Court initially dealt with injunction proceedings and later considered the powers of the HCEO to use reasonable force to enter a debtor’s premises and take control of goods pursuant to a Writ of Control.

ust Digital Marketplace Limited v. (1) The High Court Enforcement Officers’ Association (2) The Civil Enforcement Association (3) Ministry of Justice [2021] EWHC 15 (QB)

The Court construed various statutory provisions pertaining to the ways in which a HCEO can take control of goods and recorded that in certain circumstances a virtual enforcement visit can be conducted in order to take control of goods as opposed to the traditional physical visit. This is the first case of its kind in England and Wales to permit a ‘non-physical’ visit in order to enforce a High Court Writ.

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