""He knows how to draw the key information out of experts in conference and can identify a sweet spot in negotiations." "He has immense attention to detail and always gets the job done - he is a go-to barrister for an honest and upfront approach."

Chambers & Partners 2021
Andrew Andrew QC

Barrister: Andrew Ritchie QC



Head of Chambers (2013-2019); Chairman of the Personal Injuries Bar Association (2014 - 2016); Legal Service Committee Appeal Panel (1999 - 2002); Executive Committee of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (1996 - 1999); Managing director of the Personal Injuries Arbitration Service; Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge & College Advocate.

MA Law, Magdalene College, Cambridge


Barrister | Arbitrator | Mediator

Personal Injury Law: Star Silk: Chambers and Partners 2020. Band 1: Legal 500 (PI);

Winner of the Chambers UK Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence Silk of the Year 2015.

Winner of the Legal 500 Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence Silk of the Year 2014.

Barristers Services:

Described as approachable, dependable, warm with clients, a classy team player, focussed on the issues and hard working, Andrew has enormous experience in clinical negligence claims; personal injury law and long multi party catastrophic event Inquests.

Andrew's clinical negligence practice has recently involved cases concerning cerebral palsy caused by hypoxia at birth, failure to diagnose, urology, Spinal cord injury, cardiology and neurosurgery.

In the personal injury field Andrew has vast experience in catastrophic brain and spinal injury claims, fatal accident claims (for example Gavria & John v BP 2019), amputation claims, occupational health litigation, employers liability litigation (for example Corr v IBC, the suicide case, HL); Road Traffic claims, Motor Insurers Bureau law (for instance Lewington v MIB [2017] EWHC EWHC 2848 and Road Traffic Insurance law (for instance Rafiq v MIB, CA).

Andrew is general editor of volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the leading Personal Injury text Kemp & Kemp: Quantum Of Damages and in recent years wrote 8 of the chapters in volume 1 and 2 liability chapters in Vol 2.

Andrew represented many victims of the Paddington rail disaster in their civil claims. He currently representes 5 bereaved families at the Croydon Tram crash Inquest.  Andrew represents 12 bereaved families and 67 injured British nationals injured by the AL Qaeda terrorist attack on Sousse beach in Tunisia in their civil claims against TUI.  He represented the families at the 6 week Inquest in the High Court in 2017.  Andrew also represented the family of Carlos Estrada before the coroner at the 8 week Inquest into the Al Qaeda terrorist attack at In Amenas, Algeria. For most of the 69 witnesses, Andrew led the questioning for the bereaved families. The coroner's verdict included many findings of fact which highlighted the lack of security at the facility. Andrew represented two families in their civil claims against BP (settled without admission of liability).

Granted temporary rights of audience of the Cayman Island bar Andrew has experience of personal injury litigation in the Cayman Islands.

Andrew also represents medical professionals before regulatory and disciplinary tribunals and also has considerable experience in professional negligence work arising from personal injury litigation.

Andrew is trained and approved by the Bar Council to accept instructions directly from clients.

Arbitration and Mediation Services:

Andrew is a qualified PIcArbs Arbitrator and a trained and qualified Mediator.

Click here for the PIcArbs arbitration agreement and click here for Andrew's Mediation agreement.

What the directories say:

Andrew is recommended in Chambers and Partners guide to the legal profession for many years, now as a grade 1 Queen's Counsel. Fellow professionals have commented over the years as follows:

  • 2021 edition (Personal Injury Star Individual): "Very personable and easy to deal with." "He is fantastically astute and absolutely at the top of his game. An incredibly talented advocate." "He knows how to draw the key information out of experts in conference and can identify a sweet spot in negotiations." "He has immense attention to detail and always gets the job done - he is a go-to barrister for an honest and upfront approach."
  • 2020 edition (Personal Injury Star Individual)"His gravitas rightly commands huge respect and he's a very strong negotiator. He's always straight with clients so they know exactly where they stand." "A powerhouse, no-nonsense QC who is able to grasp difficult matters quickly."
  • 2018 - 2019 edition (Personal Injury Star Individual): "An undoubted leader in the field. He is well regarded for his handling of brain and spinal injury cases, as well as fatal accident claims. He is universally praised for his advocacy style and flair when arguing technical quantum points …"He is phenomenal in personal injury litigation. He's good with clients and very bright." "On his feet, he's very confident and commands an audience." 
  • 2018 - 2019 edition (Clinical Negligence): "A standout silk with a fine reputation for handling the full panoply of clinical negligence cases." "Very good in court." "Formidable in his intellectual ability."
  • 2018 edition: “Fantastically astute and absolutely at the top of his field. An incredibly talented advocate." "Always prepared to argue difficult points. Sharp, direct and skilful."
  • 2017 edition: "He is incredible, no waffle to him at all. He knows exactly what needs to be done, he's totally precise and concise. He is fantastic and commands the whole courtroom. He's a very skilful advocate, authoritative and fantastic with clients".
  • 2014 edition: "A high-ranking silk, noted by many for his prowess in larger clinical negligence cases, especially those involving cerebral palsy and failure to diagnose disease." Expertise: "He is the cream of the crop, a no-nonsense QC who cuts right to the key issues. When you have a high-value clinical negligence claim, he can juggle complex liability and quantum concerns. He is also excellent with experts and good at reassuring with clients."
  • 2013 edition: "A brilliant rising star" who "fights to get the client's story heard." His "precise mind" is applied to a wide variety of cases, although observers say he is "particularly outstanding on RTA liability."
  • 2012 edition: Possessed of; "one of the sharpest minds around," the "astute and straight-talking"..." can really drill down and extract the relevant detail in any matter." He has a "forensic yet innovative appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of personal injury claims."
  • 2011 edition: Known for his "persuasive, dogged and focused" approach.
  • 2010 edition: "An extremely astute barrister of undoubtedly high calibre" he "offers a guarantee of excellence."
  • 2008 edition: Awarded "PI junior of the year". Described as "An extremely knowledgeable advocate who gains recognition for his incredible grasp of detail and his ability to make something complex seem straight forward...he is a renowned expert in the field."
  • 2007 edition: "Tough yet friendly" and "one of the best on his feet..." ...being "incredibly straight" and "someone you know where you stand with."

Recommended in the Legal 500 UK Client's Guide to the Legal Profession for many years. Fellow professionals commented as follows:

  • 2021 edition: "He can see the strengths and weaknesses in the case as soon as he reads the papers. His preparation for any trial, interlocutory applications and joint settlement meeting is outstanding. He is thoroughly prepared and in my view is just awesome in court."
  • 2019 edition: "He is one of the best barristers around for clinical negligence. He gives clear robust advice and has a no-nonsense approach." 
  • 2019 edition: "A really effective advocate; he has a glint in his eye as he carefully takes a witness apart." 
  • 2019 edition: "Fantastically astute and on the top of his field; he is set apart by his forward thinking."
  • 2017 edition: "A fierce intellect with an impressive presence in court."
  • 2016 edition: "A formidable intellect, who doesn't suffer fools gladly."

Client Comments:

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you on this case, and to say that you have all gone above and beyond for the clients would be an understatement. I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with members of chambers who’ve put their hearts and souls into a case in the way which you all did." (Jennifer Lund, Partner at Irwin Mitchell). 

I just wanted to email to say how grateful I am for everything you have done on my case. Not many that are or have been in my situation have had the opportunity have someone as amazing as you defend them. Thanks to you and the outcome we received they won't have to worry on that front now.

A client, Charlie Lewington (September 2018)

thank you for your assistance in my case in conjunction with the rest of the legal team from Barcan Kirby.

At last, there was closure in Jan 2018 after a very stressful three and a half years for me and you managed with their help in obtaining my compensation. I think I am finally getting my life back together and managing to move.

Once again could not have done it without you.

"Thank you for your assistance in my case in conjunction with the rest of the legal team from Barcan Kirby.

At last, there was closure in January 2018 after a very stressful three and a half years for me and you managed with their help in obtaining my compensation. I think I am finally getting my life back together and managing to move.

Once again could not have done it without you."

A client, DT (September 2018)

"I wanted to say a sincere thank you for your brilliant performance as my advocate on Monday 4th December 2017. It was extraordinary to see such a skilful advocate succinctly and calmly representing the arguments. You are one of the few QC's that I can say have the ability to command an audience, be passionate, persuasive and deliver and I have used many as a Junior since I was called in 1991."

A Barrister client who was acquitted by the Inns of Court Tribunal of all BSB charges (2017).

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your invaluable work on my daughter S's case following her MVA in the UK in October 2009.

Having just settled the case after four and a half long years, I have been most impressed by both your and Daryl’s professionalism, patience, understanding, flexibility and humour despite the challenges faced with us residing 'down under'.

I have particularly appreciated you ensuring each step in the legal process was explained, in 'layman's' terms to ensure my discussions with S resulted in informed decisions being made.

As S’s 'litigation friend', your and Daryl’s approach gave me assurance and confidence during a very unfamiliar and challenging time – we could not have asked for a better representative.

Throughout the entire process, I have felt supported and well informed and it was evident we were all working together towards a common goal - S's best interest and to secure and protect her financial future.

Thanks to you both, S is now in a position to move forward in life and enjoy a more positive future."

June 2014

Privacy Notice

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Andrew is passionate about ADR. He created PIcArbs the only arbitration system for personal injury and clicnial negligence claims in England and Wales and combined with collaborators, created the ADR e-filing software with DEF (disputes e-filing).


Andrew is a qualified PIcArbs Arbitrator and provides arbitrator services in personal injury and clincical negligence claims. For a copy of the arbitration agreement please click here.

Please contact Andrew's clerks for the fees for each service.


Andrew qualified as a mediator in 2019 and provides mediation services in personal injury and clinical negligence and workplace disputes. He is also registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a mediator.

Andrew's mediation agreement is available: click here.

Neutral Evaluator:

Andrew provides neutral evaluation services in personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Andrews NE agreement is available: Click here 

MIB Claims:

MIB Uninsured Driver Claims

  • Lewington v MIB [2017] EWHC 2848, Andrew won the appeal agaisnt the MIB arbitrator's decicion. This case effectively destroyed the "off road vehicle" defence run by insurers and the MIB for decades to avoid paying compensation to the innocent victims of road accidents just because the offending driver was in an off road vehicle.
  • Ademneskell v Bryan & MIB [2011]: The claimant was a pedestrian knocked down by an uninsured driver on an off road style trail bike. The MIB defended on the basis that as a matter of interpretation of the Road Traffic Act 1988 no insurance was required for off road trail bike. Hence they were not liable to compensate. Complicated European Law aspects and interpretation of statute. Case of general public importance. Case settled after the Secretary of Sate was joined to the action and the expert evidence was served.
  • Carswell v Sec of State & MIB [2010] EWHC 3230 (QB): Representing a widow asserting that the Untraced Drivers Agreement 2003 was drafted in breach of European Law because it fails to provide adequately for the claimants legal costs.
  • X v MIB [2009]: Representing brain injured child. Settled for £1.3 million plus PPOS of £32,000 rising to £70,000 for care and case management.
  • Phillips v Rafiq & Motor Insurers Bureau [2007] EWCA Civ 74: Times, February 21, 2007. Fatal accident claim, interpretation of the Uninsured Drivers Agreement 1999 - representing the successful widow of the deceased could claim damages from the MIB despite her husband knowing that the driver was uninsured.

MIB Untraced Drivers Appeals / Arbitrations

  • A v MIB [2012]: Appeal to the arbitrator against an award of £1,900,000 made by the MIB in a hit and run case under the Untraced Drivers Agreement 1996. The arbitrator Frank Burton QC, increased the award to £2,600,000.
  • Andrews v MIB [2012] (Mr Justice Stuart-Smith QC): On Lawtel. Appeal to an arbitrator against the MIB refusal to make any award to a paraplegic man under the Untraced Drivers Agreement 2003. 3 day hearing. Award: the MIB were held liable and ordered to pay the costs in full, not as limited by the Untraced Drivers Agreemetn 2003..

Clinical Negligence Claims:

  • AM v (1) Dr Shah (2) Medway Community Healthcare (3) Medway NHS Foundation Trust [2018]: Representing a 65-year-old retired IT consultant in a delayed diagnosis of cervical spine abscess. The Trust eventually admitted breach of duty and a large settlement was reached. Read more here.
  • P v Medway [2015]: Representing a man in his late 50s with bladder cancer who whilst receiving a replacement bladder suffered hemiplegia due to spinal haematoma caused by failed epidural injections for anaesthesia and inadequate onward surveillance post operatively. P ran an investment brokerage raising finance for hedge funds. Loss of opportunity to make future profits was in issue. Settled for £1.7 million plus PPOS for care.
  • W v Royal Surrey NHST [2013]: Representing a child born with spastic cerebral palsy due to hypoxia, the injury being caused in part by the hospital’s failure to carry out a caesarean section. Liability settled at 70%.
  • B v St Barts and the Royal London [2013]: Representing a nurse who suffered congenital malrotation of the gut and underwent an operation to resolve it which was carried out negligently leading to removal of the whole of her gut and reduced her life expectation. Settled for a large sum.

Cerebral Palsy Claims

  • Potter v South Tees Hospitals NHST [2012]: Representing the claimant who suffered septicaemia due to negligent lack of prophylactic antibiotics during a kidney operation. Liability eventually conceded and damages settled at £1 million.
  • W v South Yorkshire HA [2012]: Sheffield, acting for a child who suffered athetoid cerebral palsy due to negligence intubation during resuscitation after birth. Approved award: £2 million plus PPOS of £112,400 pa for life.
  • Morris v Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust [2007] Cardiff DR: Lawtel, Hypoxia at birth, cerebral palsy, settlement, Lump Sum value £3 million, periodical payments for lost earnings £15,000 pa to age 70, stepped periodical payments for care £70,000 pa for life (index linked to the ASHE).
  • Raichura v Leicestershire HA [2003] Lawtel, Leicestershire District Registry (HHJ Hall QC): The claimant, a 23-year-old man, received a "bottom-up settlement" or periodic payments settlement (with an old style lump sum value of £2,920,000) for the severe hypoxic-ischaemic brain damage sustained during his birth in November 1979. Cerebral palsy and tetraplegia, severe cognitive impairment, wholly dependent on others for his care and daily needs.

Failure To Diagnose Claims

  • C v UCL [2017] Representing a panel beater who suffered minor spinal cord injury due to a missed diagnosis. Settled for a lump sum of £870,000.
  • H v Imperial College Hospital [2017] Representing a 60 year old man with pre-existing Ankylosing Spondylitis who suffered a missed diagnosis of spinal haematoma and increased spinal chord symptoms as a result. Settled for £1.5 million lump sum.
  • A v Medway [2016] representing a mid-60s retired mill manager who Medway Hospital failed to diagnose as having a cervical spine fracture after a fall, settled for £1.5 million plus PPOS of £215,000 pa.
  • P v Medway [2015] representing a man in his late 50s with bladder cancer who whilst receiving a replacement bladder suffered hemiplegia due to spinal haematoma caused by failed epidural injections for anaesthesia and inadequate onward surveillance post operatively. P ran an investment brokerage raising finance for hedge funds. Loss of opportunity to make future profits was in issue. Settled for £1.7 million plus PPOS for care.
  • Potter v South Tees Hospitals NHST [2012]: Representing the claimant who suffered septicemia due to negligent lack of prophylactic antibiotics during a kidney operation. Liability eventually conceded and damages settled at £1 million.
  • Lanham v Mid Essex NHST & others [2012]: Representing a 42 years old man who suffered a stroke due to negligent failure to treat TIAs (transient ischaemic events). Settled for £1 million.
  • Welsh v Plymouth Hospitals NHST [2011]: Failure to diagnose benign brain tumour leading to delayed brain operation and severe brain damage. Complicated expert evidence on breach and causation of tumour and on prospects of improved result with earlier surgery. Settled at £500,000.
  • Deneven v Leeds Hospitals [2010]: Leeds DR, Representing child blinded by the hospital's failure to treat eye infection after birth. Approved award £1,000,000.
  • Bingham v Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals [2010]: Representing the Claimant who suffered clinical negligence when the hospital failed to diagnose a prolapsed disc in his neck which caused cauda equina syndrome and left hemi-plegia (paralysis). Multiple medical experts on spinal compression. Spinal surgery and the prospect of a better outcome from earlier surgery.

Personal Injury Claims:

Brain Damage Claims

  • BA v CT [2020] Andrew represented the mother of two children who suffered brain damage and polytrauma as a result of a road traffic accident in which the car rolled. She was not wearing a seat belt. The settlement was approved by the High Court for a lump sum of £7.1 million net of contributory negligence of 15%, covering future loss of earnings, care and new single level accommodation and deputy fees for lack of capacity.
  • X v Y [2012]: Approved by Eady J, Representing a 16 year old man who suffered severe brain damage in a road traffic accident. Liability admitted, quantum settled at £2.2 million lump sum plus PPOS of £71,000 pa increasing by RPI.
  • Habtu v Mckenzie & MIB [2012]: The Claimant who Andrew represented was injured in a road traffic accident by an uninsured driver. He suffered severe brain injuries, hip fractures and needed constant care and support with a case manager. Case settled for £1 million plus periodical payments of £72,500 per annum for life.
  • Morby v Richards [2006]: Birmingham District Registry. For the successful Claimant. £1,012,000 in damages for the Claimant who suffered a severe brain injury in a road traffic accident.

Mesothelioma Claims

  • Streets v Esso [2009] QBD: Lawtel, £315,000 Fatal Accidents Act award for widow of mesothelioma victim.
  • Purdue v Port Line [2008] QBD: Master Whitaker, living mesthelioma sufferer, summary judgment obtained against "bluewater" shipowners, on the basis that they had land based shipwrights. Date of knowledge 1955 of dangers from asbestos.

Amputation Injuries

  • Thornhill v Bagas [2019] Andrew represented a 34 year old man who suffered a road traffic accident at traffic lights. After 7 operations his right leg was amputated below the knee. The Defendants denied liability and the Claimant secured judgment at a trial in June 2017 before HHJ Robinson in the High Court. The Quantum was settled at a JSM on 4.3.2019 for a lump sum of £3 million including two powered BIOM prosthetics with a water limb for life on a 5 year revolving renewal cycle.
  • B v Wigan [2017] Representing an male off licence owner in his 50s injured on a road traffic accident who suffered a below the knee amputation. Settled for £2 million.
  • Vaghji v MarkerStudy [2012]: Representing a one legged man who worked as a bus driver who lost his other leg in a road traffic accident. Recovering £1,300,000 in damages.
  • Winters v Haq [2007] Leicester QBD: Acting for the successful Claimant, above the knee amputation in RTA, prosthetic leg, settlement of £700,000. Andrew Ritchie QC.

Multiple Injuries Claims

  • Morjaria v Samwell [2009]: Mediated settlement. Representing successful Claimant, Damages £2 million, for a Cambridge student who was run over by a lorry. Loss of career in investment banking.
  • Corr v IBC [2008] UKHL 13: Representing the successful Claimant in her Fatal Accident Act claim arising from the suicide of her husband caused by the Defendant’s negligence 6 years earlier. Employers liability, kind of harm, forseeability and causation.
  • Horch v Thames Trains [2007] QBD: For the successful Claimant. Damages £1.5 million. Horrific burns & PTSD sustained in the Paddington Rail crash.
  • Smee v Adaye [1999] March, QBD, HHJ Steele: Sitting as deputy, Kemp B2-011/1 & confirmed C.A 19.04.2000 Lawtel C7400040. For the Claimant, award £1.1 million, RTA, hip and leg injury, pension loss and future risk of retirement.

Product Liability Claims

  • Thomas v Merck Sharpe & Dohme, 1.12.2008, HHJ O'Brien: Representing the Claimant who suffered ulcerative colitis whilst taking part in a drugs trial of Rofecoxib a Vioxx derivative. First successful judgment for Claimants on this drug.

Road Traffic Act Claims:

  • X v Y [2020]: £5.4m settlement for a claimant that suffered catastrophic spinal injuries aged 18 when she was thrown out of car in a complex rollover accident after the driver lost control of the vehicle. PPO’s (rounded) of £67,000 to age 44,  £108,665 to age 59, £158,340 for life.
  • AX v CX [2020] £13.3 million settlement. Approval from Lambert J on 28 April for the settlement of a claim by AX who suffered a road traffic accident and severe traumatic brain injury with multiple physical injuries.  After 4 months in hospital and 6 months of rehabilitation, AX needed 14 hours per day supervised care for life, adapted single level accommodation and a deputy to manage her finances.  AX could walk unaided and interact, but was vulnerable and lacked capacity. Split down award: PSL £220,000; Past loss: £650,000; Future loss: £12,430,000. Reduced life expectation: 5 years. An award for Wealth Management at 0.5% pa of the lump sum was included.
  • X v Y [2017] Representing a 3 times convicted heroine dealer who was injured in a road traffic accident and suffered paraplegia. Settled before action for £3.6 million lump sum.
  • YS v X [2017] EWHC Whipple J, approved settlement for a 33 year old woman injured in a road traffic accident which left her in a minimally conscious state. Damages agreed at a lump sum of £750,000 with PPOs for life of US$150,000 index linked to USA carers index.
  • Miller v QBE [2006] EWHC 1529: Statutory interpretation of the Road Traffic Act 1988 S.145 - the Claimant police officer was not an employee of the insured hence able to claim compensation from the insurer under S.151 for his serious injuries when a criminal ran him down in a police car.

Spinal Injury Claims

  • Clough v First Choice [2006] EWCA Civ 15, PIQR P22: For the Claimant, young man made paraplegic after swimming pool accident abroad.
  • Oldham v Robinson [2004]: Settlement 9/8/2004. Lawtel. For the claimant, a 33-year-old man, who received £935,000 for the spinal injuries sustained in a road traffic accident in November 1998. Paraplegia and had no movement or feeling in his legs and no control over his bowel or bladder. Much reduced life expectancy.

Employers Liability Claims

  • Wallis v Balfour Beatty [2003] EWCA Civ 72: Employers liability, breach of Workplace Regulations, causation. For the Claimant.
  • Stiles v Thames Trains [2003] QBD: Master Whittaker, settlement. For the Claimant. Recovering £750,000 for a victim of the Paddington Train Disaster who suffered severe burns and PTSD.
  • Wells v Watford NHS Trust [2000] April QBD: Lawtel L.R., N. Baker Q.C. sitting as deputy, Lawtel C7400041 For the Claimant. Liability trial, manual handling in the delivery suite in NHS hospitals, finding MHOR applies to delivery suites.
  • The needlestick doctor [1998]: August, settled. For Claimant, PTSD, phobia of needles after needlestick injury. Loss of career. Settled for £450,000.
  • Various v Tesco [1997] QBD: Settled. For Claimants, 40+ RSI cases against Tesco for checkout cashiers. Lead cases packaged for trial in High Court then all settled.

Civil Procedure Issues

  • Thornhill v Bagas [2017] HHJ Robinson sitting as a deputy High Court Judge, awarding judgment for the Claimant in a liability only trial, the judge awarded penalty interest on costs against the Defendant when the Claimant beat his own 99% part 36 offer on liability.
  • Samson v Ali [2012] EWHC 4146: Representing the Claimant who was served with surveillance evidence from the Defendant's insurer which appeared to have been selectively edited, speeded up and biased. Judgment obtained at a contested preliminary hearing allowing the Claimant to answer the Video evidence with her own counter surveillance expert's evidence which undermined the Defendant's evidence.
  • Bajwa v British Airways Plc [1999] EWCA Civ 1519: Costs: Calderbank Offers. The value of an offer for the purpose of costs under CPR 44 is the balance between the sum offered less the value of deducted benefits. The CA will only interfere with a judge's discretion to order costs if he is plainly wrong or has erred in principle.


Croydon Tram Crash

Andrew is representing the families of some of those killed iin the Croydon tram crash at the Inquest.

Inquest Into the terrorist attack at Sousse, Tunisia 2017

Andrew Ritchie QC represented the families of 22 UK citizens murdered at the RIU Imperial Marhaba Hotel, Sousse, Tunisia during the 5-week inquest in the High Court in January / February 2017.

Press coverage includes:

Inquest into the terrorist attack at In Amenas, Algeria 2015

Andrew Ritchie QC represented the family of Carlos Estrada before HM Assistant Coroner Nicholas Hillyard QC at the Inquest into the deaths at the BP gas facility at In Amenas in Algeria caused by a terrorist attack carried out by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb under the leadership of a man known as "Mokhtar Belmokhtar" and another known as "Lamine Bouchneb". Andrew led the questions posed by the relatvies of the deceased.

The verdict delivered in January 2015 contained many findings of fact about inadequate risk assessment, inadequate security and the total lack of armed guards at the gates to the accommodation facility.

The case report summary from Lawtel is available here. 

The news item released on 18th February is available here.

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