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Barrister: Kate Lamont


Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Award Recipient; Major Scholar, Inner Temple; LLB (Hons), Bristol University (2006)


Kate specialises in Civil and Family law. She has a particular interest in civil and family cases with a public law element and those involving the police and court of protection.

Kate's mixed practice has given her significant opportunity to gain experience as an advocate in a wide range of tribunals. She is experienced at handling vulnerable witnesses and experts at trial as well as providing written and oral advice and advocacy services in relation to issues of civil and family procedure; disclosure and costs.

Kate has contributed articles on civil and family law matters to a number of external journal publications and is a contributor to the Clinical Negligence Claims: A Practical Guide (3rd Edition). She also provides professional training to Solicitors and Social Workers.

Outside the law Kate enjoys cooking and travel. Before starting her career at the bar she worked at the European Commission in Brussels.

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Personal Injury:

Kate is experienced at advising and representing Claimants and Defendants in claims involving employers; occupiers; highway; landlords; the owners of animals; motorists and public or quasi-public bodies such as highway authorities; schools; prisons and care homes.

The advocacy experience that Kate has been able to gain in her combined practice has been invaluable where cases are contested at trial. This experiences has also proven useful for analysis and assimilation of expert evidence in relation to issues of causation and quantum.

Kate is also frequently asked to advise on procedural matters relating to civil claims.

Kate represents potential Claimants and Defendants in civil proceedings arising from death at Inquests.

Kate is a member of PIBA and the South Eastern Circuit.

Clinical Negligence:

Kate advises clients in relation to the negligence in medical treatment and diagnosis.

Recent Cases

  • AS v A Hospital Trust: Kate advised in relation to a claim following a misdiagnosis of prostate cancer where a full prostatectomy had been performed before diagnostic testing had been completed raising, amongst other issues, significant issues in relation to the basis upon which consent was given.
  • A Child v A Dentist: Kate advised in relation to a claim in which a child was injured following treatment due to a lack of appropriate monitoring.

Kate is a contributor to the Clinical Negligence Claims: A Practical Guide (3rd Edition).

Family Law:

Public Law

Kate regularly represents parents, kinship carers, children and Local Authorities in care and adoption proceedings. She has experience of dealing with cases of involving sexual abuse, substance misuse, serious physical injury, complex psychological / psychiatric issues and international issues at every level of the Family Court including seeking orders under the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court.

Kate appreciates the profound significance of care proceedings on the lives of those involved in them and believes that they often require an advocate that is willing to go the extra mile.

Kate also represents Local Authorities in disclosure matters in criminal proceedings in the Crown Court and Police forces and prosecuting authorities seeking disclosure from family proceedings for use in parallel criminal investigations and prosecutions. Her mixed practice gives her a valuable ability to understand the complexities arising in these different spheres.

Kate has lectured extensively to Local Authorities on the practical impact of the decision in Re: BS (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1146 and subsequent decisions.

Recent Cases

  • Re: C (Central Family Court): Kate represented a Local Authority at a fact finding hearing into allegations of sexual abuse of an unrelated third party child by a father alongside other allegations of unsolicited sexually motivated behaviour involving adult third parties. The police had investigated the allegations but the CPS had declined to prosecute. This case involved complicated disclosure issues and the marshalling of a significant number of third party witnesses. All findings that were sought were made.
  • Re: CV (East London Family Court): Kate represented a Mother in care proceedings in which the Local Authority plan at a first final hearing was for adoption. This plan was supported by the Guardian. After protracted argument relating to the quality of the Local Authority evidence over several hearings a Special Guardianship Order was approved allowing the children to remain in a kinship placement.

Private Law

Kate represents parents and grandparents in disputes in relation to child arrangements for residence and contact. These disputes often involve allegations of domestic violence, substance misuse and sexual abuse or have a complicating international element. Kate’s public law family practice makes her well placed to deal with cases in which serious allegations are made between parents.

Recent Cases

  • N v R (Bow County Court): Kate represented a Mother in a case in which the Court had to deal with serious allegations of rape and torture alongside a number of complicating immigration issues.
  • N v N (Central Family Court / Family Division of the High Court): Kate represented a father who was in his application for contact and residence in which allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence were made against him. The case also had an international element and inherent jurisdiction proceedings had been instigated.

Kate is also interested in the role of family law in a modern society in particular insofar as it relates to issues of surrogacy and adoption.

Ancillary Relief

Kate represents husbands and wives in their applications for financial relief following separation.

Police Law:

Kate represents police forces as parties and / or interveners in civil and family proceedings; as applicants for applications for civil restraint orders and at inquests.

Kate has also acted as clerk to the panel of a police disciplinary tribunal.

Recent Cases

  • Re: A (decd): Kate represented a police force at an inquest into the death of a man during a police chase. The coroner did not hold any of the officers involved directly or indirectly responsible for the death.
  • Re D (a Child): Kate represented a police force in its application for disclosure of documents from care proceedings relating to siblings of a child that had died as a result of the effects of force feeding at the hands of her parents.

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