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Barrister: William Dean


MA (Cantab); LLM


William Dean is an advocate and advisor with a broad practice in civil litigation, family law and police and criminal matters. He has experience of a wide range of tribunals, from County Court trials and hearings in the First-tier Tribunal to Crown Court jury trials and High Court appeals, and acts in first instance and appellate jurisdictions. As well as advising and drafting documents in chambers, he appears in court on a daily basis.

He appears frequently in the civil courts in trials, applications and interim hearings whilst managing a diverse practice advising on paper and drafting statements of case. He has acted in disputes involving matters of personal injury, clinical negligence, contract, commercial interests, property, civil procedure and costs and frequently tackles new areas of work.

William regularly acts in family matters involving children, representing parents, local authorities, children and other parties at all stages from the first appointment to trial. He routinely appears in multi-day final hearings.

He also acts for the police in the criminal and civil courts as well as for defendants and prosecuting authorities in criminal cases.

William has received direct access training and can receive instructions directly from members of the public and businesses.


  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims (ed. Begley, forthcoming) - co-author.
  • Clinical Negligence Claims: A Practical Guide (ed. Begley, 3rd ed., 2015) - contributor.
  • The PLO Explained (ed. Parker, 2013 and 2015) - contributor.

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Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence:

William acts in a number of cases involving personal injury and clinical negligence. He advises on paper and in conference on issues of liability, evidence, causation, quantum and procedure. He acts on a CFA basis where appropriate.

Personal Injury

William has a varied practice in personal injury claims. He regularly represents clients in the County Court and has undertaken work in the Coroner’s Court. He acts in multi-track and fast track cases, on CFAs where appropriate, as well as various interim and disposal hearings and applications.

He advises and appears in matters relating to road traffic accidents, accidents at work, maintenance of highways, occupiers' liability, consumer protection, defective premises and other fields. He has particular experience of noise-induced hearing loss claims and is familiar with the Coles guidelines. William has dealt with cases involving accidents abroad and advised on the correct forum and applicable law.

He also undertakes work in the First-tier Tribunal (Criminal Injuries Compensation), appearing at hearings, advising in writing and in conference, and drafting (where required) statements of case and schedules. He is an author of the leading textbook in the area, Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims (ed. Begley, 3rd edition, forthcoming).

Clinical Negligence

William has an expanding practice in clinical negligence claims. Recent work has included claims involving injuries arising out of the negligent moving of a patient in hospital, a failure to detect the movement of an unborn child (resulting in an unnecessary Caesarean section), inappropriate management of a subdural haematoma, a failure to refer for a second opinion and a failure to diagnose and treat glaucoma.

William has experience of advising on limitation issues. He is a contributing author of 9 Gough Chambers's Clinical Negligence Claims: A Practical Guide (3rd edition).

Recent Cases

  • Griffin v Asif, 2015: Personal injury action on behalf of an airline pilot who was injured after disembarking from an aeroplane. Settled before trial.
  • Agyin v Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, 2015: Clinical negligence claim for failure to establish that a child had moved from the breech to cephalic position before birth, causing an unnecessary Caesarian section. Settled.
  • S v P, 2015: Advised on limitation (date of knowledge) in a clinical negligence claim against an optometrist who had failed to refer a patient to his general practitioner for onward referral.
  • Ward v Center Parcs & Lakeland Mobility Ltd, 2015: Personal injury action in negligence and under the Consumer Protection Act. Involved four parties. Settled before trial.
  • R v B, 2015: Multi-track case arising out of a road traffic accident which caused ongoing physical and psychological symptoms. Involved the Motor Insurers' Bureau. Settled.
  • P v VA, 2013: Personal injury claim arising out of a road traffic accident in Finland. Brussels I and Rome II applied. Involved the application of Finnish law to quantum. Settled.
  • H v CICA, 2013: Settled schedule in a maximum value case arising out of historical abuse.

Civil Litigation:

Commercial & Property Litigation

William advises and represents private individuals and businesses in commercial and property litigation. He appears in the County Court and the High Court and also has experience of insolvency matters in the Companies Court.

He advises on commercial cases involving contracts, loans and business disputes as well as issues of property such as lease and licence disputes, beneficial ownership claims and party wall contests. He also has experience of registration of foreign judgments.

In landlord and tenant matters, William regularly appears in possession proceedings brought under the common law, the Housing Act 1988 and other legislation, and ancillary matters (such as deposit protection claims). He has also acted in proceedings involving acquisition orders, vesting orders and other disputes relating to residential and business leases.

His experience of post-judgment proceedings extends to enforcement and costs applications, including for charging orders and orders for sale.

Recent Cases

  • Williams, Montgomery & John Ltd v Ellis-Brown, 2015, High Court (QBD): Instructed by a firm of trial lawyers based in Chicago. Advised and appeared in proceedings for the recognition of a judgment for $400,000 made in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. Obtained summary judgment in a case in which issues of jurisdiction, service and natural justice were raised.
  • Cary v Kumar, 2015, High Court (QBD): Appeared against a Q.C. in a long-running landlord and tenant dispute. After appearing in front of a Master and a High Court judge on the same day, the matter was settled on terms at 6pm. Involved issues of bailment, allegations of breaches of the lease and charging orders.
  • Baibatyrova v Ellwood & Hamptons International, 2015, County Court: Successful application to strike out a claim by a former tenant against a letting agency.
  • In re Tower Place Restaurants Ltd, 2015, Companies Court: Advised and appeared for a group of companies involved in insolvency proceedings. Agreement reached by which proceedings were withdrawn.
  • Secretary of State for Work & Pensions v Kiboi, 2014, County Court: Advised and appeared for the wife of a debtor in respect of whose home an order for sale had been made. Order successfully set aside and costs allowed.
  • Veale v Veale, 2014, County Court: Contractual claim for repayment of a loan made on written terms between a mother and her step-son. Involved issues of intention to create contractual relations, undue influence, consideration and release. Advised and appeared at trial. Claim successful in full.
  • A & A v A Local Authority, 2013: Advised on the applicability of the Land Compensation Act 1973 in respect of a mobile home situated near a newly-constructed highway.

C.P.R. Applications & Costs

William regularly acts in procedural applications and matters involving costs. He is familiar with the various interim applications available under the Civil Procedure Rules, often appearing in hearings involving strike-out applications, relief from sanctions, limitation arguments and other issues. He is often instructed to undertake hearings on procedural points in cases in which he has not previously been involved.

He also has an expanding practice in costs litigation. Recent work has included cases involving default costs certificates, costs budgets and costs appeals. He has experience of arguing points in relation to qualified one-way costs shifting and fundamental dishonesty and appears in costs and case management hearings involving Precedents H.

Recent Cases

  • Davis Solicitors LLP v Raja & Riaz [2015] EWHC 519 (QB): Appeared for the Respondents in an appeal involving the Mitchell/Denton principles. An underlying appeal had been struck out for failure to file a trial bundle. Successfully argued for the appeal to be dismissed. Also appeared at the subsequent (unreported) contested costs hearing.
  • Orman v Cihangir, 2015, County Court: Multi-track case in which fundamental dishonesty was raised. Appeared for the Claimant (who had discontinued his claim) in the Defendant’s application for a fundamental dishonesty hearing under Practice Direction 44, paragraph 12.4(c). See a case summary here.
  • Khan v Ahmed, 2015, County Court: Successful application to set aside a default costs certificate worth over £26,000 in circumstances where there had been delay on both sides in the Part 47 procedure.
  • Metropolitan Police v S, 2015, County Court: Successful application for wasted costs against opposing solicitors whose inactions had caused an unnecessary hearing and delay to proceedings.
  • Edwards v Jackson, 2013, County Court: Successfully resisted an application to set aside a money judgment in a significant claim.


The majority of William's family practice relates to cases involving children. He frequently appears in the Family Court before all levels of judicial tribunal at various hearing centres across London. He has also acted in the High Court. William understands the difficulties and stresses of such proceedings and works for early and consensual resolutions where possible.

In care cases, William acts for parents, local authorities, children and other parties. He conducts hearings throughout the proceedings and is routinely instructed in multi-day final hearings. He is an author of The PLO Explained (ed. Parker), a practical guide to care proceedings. William also acts in cases involving secure accommodation orders.

Additionally, he is instructed in placement and adoption proceedings and has experience of section 47(5) arguments. He is a member of 9 Gough Chambers' expanding Court of Protection group.

William also acts in private law matters, including applications for child arrangement orders (contact and residence) and financial remedies proceedings.

Recent Cases

  • Re L, 2015, Family Court: Care proceedings: Instructed by the father. The child was placed with him under a child arrangements order (residence) after a successful residential assessment. Non-molestation order obtained mid-proceedings. Involved issues of European recognition of English orders.
  • H v H, 2015, Central Family Court: Two-day appeal against decisions not to allow conduct to be litigated in financial remedies proceedings and against the final award (lump sum payment of under £10,000 to the former wife). Instructed by the respondent. Successfully argued that permission should not be granted on any of the grounds advanced.
  • Re C (three children), 2015, Family Court: Six-day final hearing. Instructed by the local authority.
  • Re S, G & L, 2014, Family Court: Four-day final hearing. Instructed by the local authority.
  • Re S & K, 2014, Family Court: Instructed by the mother. The child was returned to her care after lengthy proceedings in which adoption was recommended because of the unexpected withdrawal of a family member as an alternative carer.
  • RDP v BB, 2013, County Court: Secured permission for regular trips abroad with the children, as well as regular and increased contact, for a father at a final hearing.

Police & Crime:

Police Work

William undertakes a range of civil work for the police, including applications for closure orders, injunctions to prevent gang-related violence (‘gang injunctions’) and banning orders. He appears throughout a case from the initial application to the final hearing.

He was instructed by Hertfordshire Constabulary in a number of the first applications for domestic violence prevention orders. He has acted for Chief Constables in proceedings under the Police Property Act 1897 and appeared in a number of applications for football banning orders during the Euro 2012 Championships.

William has represented constabularies in road traffic and other civil actions. Additionally, he has advised on legal professional privilege and has experience of accompanying officers on the execution of warrants.

Other Civil Proceedings

He also represents other prosecuting authorities, including H.M. Revenue and Customs and the Home Office. He has experience of cash detention and other Proceeds of Crime Act matters, as well as the pre-P.O.C.A. confiscation legislation. Additionally, William is instructed in condemnation proceedings (including contested hearings) and appeals to the First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber) under the Finance Act 1994.

William is a member of 9 Gough Chambers's expanding regulatory group, which advises and represents professionals appearing before regulatory and standards bodies.

He has also successfully defended in contempt of court proceedings.


In crime, William has regularly prosecuted for the D.W.P., the C.P.S. and Transport for London for a variety of offences and at all stages of proceedings.

He has defended in the Magistrates' Court and the Crown Court. He maintains a practice in the criminal courts and accepts instructions on legal aid and private bases. His clients have included youths and persons with difficulties giving instructions.

William represents defendants against motoring charges and other regulatory offences. He has successfully argued 'exceptional hardship' and secured acquittals in a variety of driving prosecutions. William aims to give realistic advice and understands the difficulties posed by convictions for such offences.

Recent Cases

  • UAB Transagma v Director of Border Revenue: Successfully resisted appeal in the First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber) against non-restoration of a vehicle found to contain cigarettes on which no excise duty had been paid.
  • Metropolitan Police v S, 2015, County Court: Successful breach proceedings for five breaches of a gang injunction.
  • Metropolitan Police v J, 2015, Crown Court: Represented the police in responding to an appeal against the making of a football banning order. Appeal dismissed.
  • Metropolitan Police v G, 2014, County Court: Committal of a defendant in breach of a gang injunction, resulting in an immediate custodial sentence of three months.
  • Prezecek v Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, 2014, County Court: Represented the defendant chief constable in a road traffic claim in which a police officer was alleged to have driven negligently. Claim dismissed.
  • Regina v NR, 2013: Acted for a 15-year-old defendant. Prosecution discontinued after judicial review of C.P.S.'s actions.
  • Regina v KH, 2012: Successful submission of 'exceptional hardship' resulting in a defendant with 37 penalty points (who was not already banned) receiving a 12-week ban and a £350 fine.

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