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Our Mediation Team started in 2003 and is steadily growing.

Mediation provides a quick, confidential and cost-effective way of resolving disputes without trial, allowing the parties to remain in control of the process and to address issues outside the narrow scope of litigation. A trained mediator is appointed by all of the parties to the dispute to help them resolve their dispute in a manner acceptable to them all.

Mediation can be used to settle any kind of dispute, from the simplest to the most complex. Litigation does not even have to have been started. Mediation can be a way of cutting through the web of issues to find an acceptable outcome that matches the needs of the parties and reflects the litigation risks.

Mediation avoids the uncertainty and stressful nature of a court hearing, is encouraged by the courts and appreciated by clients. Mediation rarely takes longer than a day and, arranged at the right stage in a dispute, will cost much less than proceeding to a court hearing. For more information about mediation see here.

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Our Mediators

At 9 Gough Chambers, we have a team of mediators, trained by and accredited with leading bodies including the CEDR and the London School of Mediation. All are practising barristers.

Our team of mediators: 

Disputes covered

We are a common law set and can accordingly offer mediation across a broad range of practice areas.

We have particular experience in personal injury, clinical negligence, employment law, professional negligence and commercial disputes.

In the employment field, we have trained and qualified workplace and employment mediators who can assist both in repairing existing employment relationships and easing the transition for those which have broken down.

The Mediation Process

Our mediators can be booked by a simple phone call to the clerks. Then a 9 GS Mediation Agreement is signed to confirm the booking. The Agreement also sets out the process although further guidance on this will be provided by our mediators once the booking is confirmed.

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