Linda Nelson and Grahame Aldous QC win 'unwinnable' clinical negligence claim in High Court

22 May, 2018

Mr Justice Martin Spencer handed down a judgment on 21st May 2018 that a neurosurgeon was negligent in administering prophylactic anticoagulants within 3 hours of surgery to decompress the cauda equina nerves in the spine, rather than waiting until the risk of perioperative bleeding reduced.

It was held that the ‘cavalier’ attitude that had been displayed towards anticoagulation led to the formation of a damaging compressive haematoma, and that instead of a full recovery the claimant was left with permanent nerve damage and using a wheelchair.

The case went to trial in the face of a defendant asserting that the claim could not succeed.

Linda Nelson and Grahame Aldous QC were instructed for the claimant by Stewarts Law LLP.

For the judgment in the case of Lesforis v Tolias click here.


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