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Remedies In Employment Law

This step-by-step guide focuses on the most important part of employment litigation – what a client can expect to achieve in terms of remedies if his or her claim is successful in the court or employment tribunal. Also, conversely, what the likely extent of the employer’s liability is and how this can be reduced.

There have been important recent developments in the law relating to unfair dismissal, settlement agreements, the regime on discrimination and the rules governing the procedures of employment tribunals. This practical book explores the implications of these and benefits from:

  • clear exposition of legal principles underlying remedies in employment cases
  • a clear narrative on the handling of remedies
  • comprehensive coverage of remedies relating to dismissal, redundancy, breach of contract, discrimination and personal injury in an employment context
  • practical advice on crucial issues of negotiation and settlement.

Uniquely, there is a chapter dedicated to personal injury in an employment context.


  • Non-financial remedies
  • How to calculate financial relief
  • Compensation for the loss of earnings and related losses
  • Discrimination remedies
  • Damages for personal injury
  • Counter schedules
  • Settlement
  • Preparing the case


  • Susan Belgrave
  • Philip Jones


  • James Holmes-Milner
  • Laura Elfield
  • Catherine Atkinson
  • Ed Lamb
  • Tom Restall

ISDN: 978-1-85328-533-2

Price: £59.95

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